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Finest Italian Salami and Cured Meats

Giorgio’s Naturals was established in 2019 with the goal of uniting the old world salami making traditions with a contemporary and modern feel. Our story traces its roots in the Italian tradition of making salami and the European tradition of drying meats. 

Nic has grown up in a small village in the north of Italy and has been making salami and Italian style meats since his childhood. It is a family tradition for him. In 2018 he decided to make Chicago his new home and wanting to continue his family tradition he seeked help from an Old family friend with which his dad had previously worked with. This is how Nic and Dan meet. Dan is the new generation and a master in dry-aging meats. His roots trace back to the Balcan area of Europe. There since his childhood he learned how to dry age meats “the old way”, back then no refrigeration units where used and he learned by using the seasons to his favor.

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